My position

Art School in London in the 1960's prepared me to pursue an independant position.

Influenced by those whose work I respect I have found it rewarding to examine the fundamentals of visual experience through painting.

In the immediate future I intend to inquire further into the possibilities offered by the illusion of transparency.

What I am painting now.  


Every still-life painter discovers how to 'paint' glass. 

The first page of works shows paintings in which opaque, coloured, paint has been organised to read as transparent layering. 

Abandonment of the support of the outlined drawn object makes the issue more volatile, and the means to evoke the illusion more fundamental. In this instance 'Less, is more challenging' and the instablity of perception or 'reading' of visual experience more critical.      

I find this too interesting ignore.

SINCE 1968

So this website shows images of works made in the years from 1968 to 2018



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